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Rober Downer Show

He has worked for companies such as the Ballet Rambert Co., The English National Opera Theatre Company and The Royal Dutch Ballet Co.

Robert Downer trained at the Ballet Rambert School in London, studying ballet and contemporary dance. He trained 2 years at the Arts Educational school, Golden Lane, London, studying theatre production, film production, acting, singing, jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary.


He has worked for companies such as the Ballet Rambert Co., The English National Opera Theatre Company and The Royal Dutch Ballet Co.Robert then turned to more commercial work, working with artists such as Michael Jackson on his world tour, Whitney Houston, and a wide range of English and Global TV stars.


After an extensive career as a dancer, he has now been artistic directing and choreographing for the last 12 years, using in his shows a whole dynamic range of dance experience, using acrobatic skills acquired as a gymnast, and Kung-fu/Karate skills which are also used for films/theatre as fight choreography and jousting with heavy broad swords in combat choreography.


He has worked with some of the best names in the industry on varying and multi-complex productions with air acrobats to underwater shows, working with gymnasts, dancers, contortionists, stunt motor- bike riders, on music videos for many artists, working in areas ranging from musicals to shows and events to film and TV, fashion and other dynamic productions, bringing a powerful creative dance style to their performance and directing complex dance fight and underwater scenes.


PHILOSOPHY My philosophy is to give to the customer a powerful packet of options to their Show-Program.


Bringing in Dance/Theatre/Acrobatics/Ballet/Flying dancers etc, etc.To give your customers a Dynamic/Sexy/Bombastic performance or performances.


"We are already in the slipstream of time, let it be an event they will remember"


Latest credits 2011 - Director/ChoreographerMatrix Effect

Musical Theatre Hillside Beach Club, Turkey2009 - 2010 - Choreographer/ Creative Director

HyundaiEvent 2010 - Creative Director/ Choreographer

BMW Sauber Event2010 - Creative Director/ Choreographer

Team Extreme Event2010 - Creative Director Coreographer

Foxi MissQ / everybody wantsMusic VideoGlobal concerts 2010 - Creative Director

ZDF TVTV2009 - 2010 - Creative Director Choreographer

Haier Event2009 - 2010 - Creative Director Choreographer

Hugo Boss Event 2009 - 2010 - Creative Director Choreographer

Arean Swimwear Event2009 - 2010 - Choreographer/ Creative Director

Anatola Productions Film

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